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bees@infoswx.UUCP (07/10/86)

>In order to get Korn shell source, you need a SysV source license.  

Not true!  The AT&T UNIX Toolchest has been opened up to non-source
license sites.  Ksh can be purchased through the Toolchest.  I strongly
recommend ksh.  It is light years better than anything else, and not
nearly as brain damaged as csh (flames to /dev/null please).

>I still wish to say that in the long run you will be better off moving
>your whole machine to SysV, whether binary only or source is up to
>you.  The support and stability will be better than you would get with
>any brand of BSD, and the OS and utilities are being constantly im-

The truth is that neither version is where it needs to be.  There are
good and bad points about both 4.2 and System V.  Personally, I'd rather
use 4.2 from day to day.  But this is mainly due to job control, which
I make heavy use of.  However, if I were going to market a system, I
would want it to be System V.  This is because a) most large companies
would rather see "AT&T System V" on your product, and b) AT&T will
support the OS.

I like the features that BSD offers, however, I feel that Berkeley has
kluttered up UNIX quite a bit.

It's interesting to note that lots of companies marketing products based
on 4.2 have plans to or are supporting System V:  Integrated Solutions
(owned by NBI), Convex, Pyramid, Sun.

It's also interesting to note that there are quite a few 4.2 systems
running within AT&T!  Ask the folks at AT&T Bell Labs Research what
they are running day to day.  Mostly 4.2 or 8th Edition, I think.

FLAME!!! ---> Why didn't they put the /proc stuff from 8th Edition
	      into System V Release 3!?!   Grrrr...

Ray Davis

lvs@ndm20.UUCP (07/28/86)

>I've been watching all the larn fixes, but I guess I missed one.....

>Could someone please send me the correction for the unsigned char
>problem with the armor and weapons (so i don't get a +255 weapon)

>				thanks in advance!
>				Bob Goldberg

By the point you mentioned (+255 weapons) I am assuming that "larn" is
some form of Fantasy game.  If it is, where can I find out more about it?
Specifically, a description of the game, and eventually where to get the
code for it.  I really enjoy FRP's, but have seen very few computer
versions of this diversion which were any good, maybe "larn" is different.

Thanks in advance,
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