[net.sources.d] which.c in mod.sources

silvert@dalcs.UUCP (Bill Silvert) (08/15/86)

This short program is highly recommended.  I almost skipped it, since I
already have which, but it turns out that mine is a shell script and the
C program is incredibly fast compared to it.  I also made a couple of
trivial mods -- pick the ones you want:

distributed version skips current directory -- add code
	if(path[0] == ':')... check cwd
By the way, I also set mine so that it keeps running if it finds the
file in the cwd, useful if you want to find the old version.

-a option -- do not exit when file is found on path, list all occurences
in order.  

One minor bug -- it exits if it doesn't find a file and will not look
for subsequent arguments -- easily fixed.

I haven't posted the patches, since (a) I hacked it on another system,
(b) I used local functions which I am too lazy to distribute, (c) I
hacked it to suit my own taste, and it is easy to make other changes.
In any case, it is so much faster than the shell that I really wanted to
steer people to it.