[ut.16k] mail and 'bad block' message

anil@utcsri.UUCP (Anil K. Sanwalka) (02/27/86)

	This is in response to some questions I have been asked about the
mail program on the 16k boxes. 
	On utgate when we were running sendmail with a frozen configuration
file, on occasion after exiting mail I would get the message 'bad block'.
This happened when I was trying to send mail. Any mail sent or received after
this happened appeared to get lost. I spoke with Brian Thomson and he
indicated the problem had to do with running sendmail with a frozen config.
I then removed the frozen configuration file and restarted sendmail,
i.e. killed the sendmail process and ran it manually. I have not had any
problems since then. It does not appear anything else has to be changed since
sendmail looks for sendmail.fc when started and runs without the file if none
is found.

larry@utecfa.UUCP (Larry Philps) (02/28/86)

If you have ever seen the "bad block" message, it is a good idea
to run "newaliases" after removing the frozen configuration file.
Newaliases is a link to sendmail, and if it is run while the frozen
file is in place, aliases.{dir,pag} will be hopelessly corrupted.
						Larry Philps
						Engineering Computing Facility
						University of Toronto