[net.puzzles] i need help....

set@bnl.UUCP (William Tatum) (08/24/84)

[a little help can mean a lot!]

i need a little help aquiring an equation for the folllowing problem.i know the answer is 10cents but don't know how to get there..help!?!?
here's the problem:

a passenger boards a bus.
  "times square,please",said the passenger.
  "where did you get on?",asked the driver.
  "two stops after the stop which is one stop less than halfway to times square",said the passenger.

the driver thought a while and replied:
  "the fare is 2 cents more than one half of one penny more than it would be if fares had risen 50% this morning.
that's how much you have to pay."

-->how much did the passenger have to pay???

answer: 10 cents.

how would one go about getting there?there must be a logical equation.any help will be appreciated.

                thanks again,
                william tatun