[purdue.general] User Services Positions at the Purdue University Computing Center

ac4@pucc-h (Tom Putnam) (07/25/84)

User Services Programmer/Consultants

The Purdue University Computing Center has positions open for computing
professionals in its User Services group.  These openings result from two
major new activities at the center:

  1.	Purdue is one of three organizations recently designated by the
	National Science Foundation to provide supercomputing services to NSF
	grantees around the country.  These services will be provided on our
	Control Data Corporation CYBER 205, a vector supercomputer.  The 205 is
	front-ended with a three-machine CDC-6000 system as well as with a
	network of VAX-11/780's running UNIX 4.2 BSD.

  2.	The center is planning to install an IBM 3083 system this fall.
	The IBM system is being acquired to provide access to software systems
	that are not available on our other systems and to provide exposure
	to the IBM world for our data processing oriented education programs.
	We will be running VM/SP and CMS.

The positions to be filled involve user consulting, short course teaching,
development/conversion and installation of subprogram libraries and
application oriented packages, and technical writing/documentation.  All of
the positions require a BS in Computer Sciences, Mathematics, or a related 
area; advanced degrees are preferred.  Candidates must be proficient in both
written and verbal communication.

To support the CYBER 205, emphasis will be on the development and support
of vector numerical libraries.  Candidates for these positions should have
a strong background in mathematics and numerical analysis.

To support the IBM 3083, emphasis will be on consulting, documentation, and
courseware development for VM/SP, CMS, SAS, and a whole range of language
and applications support products.  Related experience is required.

Resumes should be mailed to:

	Tom Putnam, Manager of User Services
	Purdue University Computing Center
	Mathematical Sciences Building
	West Lafayette, IN 47907

	Phone: (317) 494-1787

Purdue University is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer.

Tom Putnam