[purdue.general] TRS-80 Model II Access Needed

agv@j.cc.purdue.edu (Dave Murrell) (01/07/88)

Is there anyone who still has a TRS-80 Model II? I'm afraid
that the breed is extinct, but I need to at least get a listing
of some old ASCII text files I have on disk. I've never owned
one, but I've done some development work (by the light of the
primordial fires) on these old roadsters and would like to get
a few dumps of past work (now haunting me).

I'm not particularly interested in purchasing one (unless it's
for DIRT cheap), but I could use the assistance of someone who
owns one. I'd be willing to pay a nominal fee to send you some
disks and be sent the corresponding listings. Please contact
one of the addresses below or phone (317)-494-1787 (ext. 212).

Thanks in advance,

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