[purdue.general] Ridge 32 for sale - cheap!

hare@cs.purdue.EDU (Steve Hare) (11/30/89)

The Computer Sciences Department at Purdue University has a Ridge 32 system it
would like to relocate. Maybe you need a UNIX machine in your basement to
amuse your friends. Anyway, we've reduced the price to $1000. You'll probably
spend that much on Christmas presents this year and hey, what better gift that
shows you care than a used Ridge 32? This machine works fine but has been shut
down for the past year. 

The configuration is a Ridge 32
with 4 megabytes of memory, two disks (90? meg internal, 40? meg external), 
8 serial ports, Ethernet interface with Ungermann-Bass box, and bitmapped
console terminal. Please direct your inquiries to: (email preferred)

Steve Hare	    Research Facilities Manager
Purdue University	   Computer Sciences Department
hare@cs.purdue.edu  (ARPA) 	...!purdue!hare  (UUCP)