[ed.general] Science Fiction

h.balen@glasgow.UUCP (h.balen) (03/14/84)

         _A_L_B_A_C_O_N _8_4 Will be Glasgows ninth Science  Fiction  Con-

         It will be held at the CENTRAL  HOTEL,  Glasgow  on  the
weekend  20th - 23rd of July 1984.

         The guest of honour will be HARLAN ELLISON.

         Membership rates are
                 Attending 9.00 pounds
                 Supporting 4.00 pounds.

         Details of Hotel rates (reduced for the duration of  the
convention) and the current progress report can be obtained from

             ALBACON 84
             c/o Ms F J Nelson,
             62 Campsie Road,
             Wishaw  ML2 7QG,

         Here is an extract from the current PR " Harlan  Ellison
is  a  great  writer - not just of S.F. but in many other fields.
He has won 7 Hugos and 3 Nebulas for stories like, "'Repent, Har-
lequin!"  said  the Ticktockman'  and "I Have no Mouth and I Must

  As well as writing books Harlan Ellison has written for televi-
sion  series  as diverse as "The Untouchables","The Outer Limits"
and "The Man From Uncle".  He received his Hugo awards for an ep-
isode  of  Star  Trek..  and a Nebula for the film "A Boy And His