[ed.general] Printer for Sale

ddb@cogsci.ed.ac.uk (Darren Brierton) (10/16/90)

For sale:

IBM Quickwriter 5204 24-pin dot-matrix printer (rrp 1290 pounds) with
IBM adjustable single bin sheetfeed (rrp 264 pounds).

- eight embedded fonts in both code page 437 and 850
- emphasise, doublestrike, superscript, double-high, double-wide and
condensed printing
- two print modes: draft and letter quality
- graphics printing (charts and pictures) using all points addressable
(APA) printing technology
- up to 335mm writing line length
- parallel and serial interfaces
- quiet print mode

Emulates as Proprinter 24 with most applications.

Options also available:
- pluggable fonts
- downloadable fonts
- 32K print buffer module

One year old - excellent condition.

The printer works well with most popular application software except
Microsoft windows, where the spooler (v2.xx) or print manager (v3)
appears to confuse it resulting in occasional pages of complete
gibberish.  Emulating it as a IBM graphics printer cures this but
results in total loss of letter quality printing.

The lowest price I've ever seen a new quickwriter for sale is 800 pounds
excluding VAT and without a sheetfeeder.

Offers welcome.

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