[ed.general] Seminar at Dept of AI, Edinburgh on Wed 1st May 1991

tw@aipna.ed.ac.uk (Toby Walsh) (04/25/91)

Departmental Seminar at 2pm, 1st May in F10, 80 South Bridge.

                          Louise Guthrie,
                  Computing Research Laboratory,
                   New Mexico State University

     "Computers and Natural Language -  Statistics or Semantics?"
              **** PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF TITLE ****

One of the goals of the Computing Research Laboratory is to extract
information from a machine readable dictionary that will be useful in
natural language processing.  We are currently working with the
machine readable version of Longman's Dictionary of Contemporary
English (LDOCE). We describe two associated projects: one using
statistical information and one semantic information.

We derive statistical information from LDOCE and show how it is used
to resolve lexical ambiguity in text.  We then describe how the
semantic information in LDOCE can be used to resolve ambiguity in
creating a taxonomy of noun senses.


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