[net.junk] Mind and Brain and posting to net.junk

mr@isrnix.UUCP ( Michael Regoli ) (06/18/84)

It seems I am to blame for this whole mess.  I originally
posted my inquiry (How many bytes in the brain?) to net.
junk...thinking the question to be just that, Junk.  I
have heard the *horror* stories of people getting toasted
by posting to the wrong newsgroup.  I didn't want to fall
in that category.  I was searching for maximum saturation,
if you will.  I wanted to reach the maximum number of 
newsgroups without misposting.

No one at our site forbade us to post to net.junk.  I thought
that group to be full of net.misfits and net.deformities that
could never make it in netland.  

And, as it appears, someone *DOES* read net.junk!!

Still waiting for net.bullshit,

		Michael Regoli

              Michael Regoli

faunt@saturn.UUCP (Doug Faunt) (06/21/84)

Net.bullshit is redundant.