[net.c] Anybody heard of ERG ??

mbs@ecsvax.UUCP (03/01/84)


Here at East Carolina University we are searching through various computers
to try to find a mini that can relieve some of the load off of our mainframe.
Among others, we have talked to a company call 'ERG' out of Washington State
that has a 68000 based system that runs a Unix* clone called Idris & Unix
itself. They claim to be able to support up to 16 users on an ERG III with
a meg. of ram.

Does any one out there in net land have any experience with ERG systems?
Any information about how good the company and its ported software is??

We know about Idris, and how it works, but all comments would be appreciated.
Please reply via mail if possible.....
Thanks in advance.....

     Michael Smith
     Systems Programmer
     East Carolina University Computing & Information Systems
     Austin Building, ECU
     Greenville, NC 27834

     {decvac!mcnc, akgua!mcnc}!ecsvax!mbs
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ERG is a trademark of Empire Research Group (I think thats it)