[um.general] Connection Machine Regional Users Group Meeting Announcement

curtiss@umiacs.umd.edu (Phil J. Curtiss) (05/18/91)

                   The Connection Machine Regional Users Group
                                  Third Meeting
                                  June 13, 1991
                                    1pm - 5pm
                           The University of Maryland
                               College Park Campus
                           The A.V. Williams Building
                           (First floor Seminar Room)
                                   Room 1112
        FastGraph -- A Package that Improves Communications on the CM-2.
                               Edward Denning Dahl
                          Thinking Machines Corporation
                                   1 - 3:00 pm

                                   Snack Break
                                 3:00 - 3:30 pm

                           Generic Display (XCM) Demo
                                 Phillip Curtiss
                                 3:30 - 4:00 pm

            Computational Quantum Mechanics on the Connection Machine
                              Sayoko Blodgett-Ford
                                 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Sponsored by:
                           The University of Maryland
                     Institute for Advanced Computer Studies

CMRUG Mailing Lists:

    cmrug@umiacs.umd.edu          -- General discussion of CMRUG related issues
    cmrug-request@umiacs.umd.edu  -- Requests for additions/deletions to CMRUG
    cmrug-steering@umiacs.umd.edu -- Comments & Suggestions about CMRUG

               Steering Committee (cmrug-steering@umiacs.umd.edu)
               Mitch Murphy       (mitch@umiacs.umd.edu, (301) 405-6742)
               Phillip Curtiss    (curtiss@umiacs.umd.edu, (301) 405-6744)

               [Please send a brief note if you plan on attending]


Directions to College Park Campus:

        The AV Williams building is located near the main Route 1 entrance
to the University of Maryland, College Park Campus. Take exit 25 from the
Capital Beltway (Route 495/95) to U.S. Route 1 South, then take a right at
the first entrance to the University of Maryland. (This will be just past
the Jerry's Sub Shop). After turning into campus you will want to stay to
the right and go down Paint Branch Drive. The AV Williams building is the
`L' shaped building on the right across from the parking lot and behind the
Systems Research Center building. Go into the main entrance and the turn to
your right. The AV Williams building code is #115 on campus maps.

Where you can Park:

        Unless you have a valid University parking permit, you can't park in
an unmetered space without possibility getting a parking ticket.  The best
place to park is probably in the Parking Garage 2 structure.  To get to this
garage, follow the directions above, but do not stay to your right.
Instead, continue up to the traffic circle and take a right.  The parking
garage will be down a few hundred yards on your left.  Lower levels have
two-hour meters, while the upper levels have (I believe) eight-hour meters.
You should probably bring some quarters along...

        If you need further directions contact cmrug-steering@umiacs.umd.edu
and I shall try and help.
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