[chi.general] weird; but not me

mitchell@tartarus.uchicago.edu (Mitchell Marks) (01/23/91)

This morning I got a phone call from (or purporting to be from) a
newspaper in New Jersey, saying that they were trying to track down
information about a billboard out there, on which a couple of
quotations were attributed to someone with my name.  (I didn't get a
chance to ask why they were trying Chicago; I assumed they were just
trying directories in various places.)  I just heard indirectly that
someone saw something similar here in Chicago.  In any case, it wasn't
me.  The quotations, as I was told them, were roughly the following:

   "Anybody with a Master's degree has an attitude problem."

   "The only good dictator is a dead dictator."

I'm posting to our local groups, and to other groups I regularly read
and have occasionally written to, in case you've seen this sign and
wondered if it was me.  Also, of course, I would appreciate any
details if you have seen this (these) sign(s?) or have any good info;
please email to mitchell@tartarus.uchicago.edu .  [Since I first heard
about this from NJ, I'm not restricting the distribution of this
posting to local.]

BTW, if anybody cares, --

  -- I do have a Master's degree
  -- I may or may not have an attitude problem, who knows?
  -- But I wouldn't agree with the generalization in the first quotation
  -- I don't like dictators
  -- But I'm not so bloody-minded as the second quotation
  -- I can't discern any connection or theme or unifying element
     bwtween the two remarks

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