[micro.cpm] apple z-80 macro assembler

egapmh@ecsvax.UUCP (05/03/84)

  1. Can anyone recommend a z-80 macro assembler for a
PCPI z-80 card running on a FRANKLIN 1000?
  2. Does anyone know where you can purchase Digital Research's
CPM documentation ? (none comes with the PCPI card) Given the
documentation's rep is it worth it or would a 3rd party book
be better?

                   Paul Hudy -egapmh

mjg@ecsvax.UUCP (05/03/84)

One Z80 macro assembler for cp/m which should run on any apple z80 card
is the one from AD2500. They make an excellent range of programs at very
reasonable prices.

Get yourself a 3rd party book or two.

Mike Gingell (mjg)