[micro.cpm] Epson PX-8 "Geneva" For Sale

tcamp@dukeac.UUCP (Ted A. Campbell) (12/12/89)

Laptop Computer System:  Epson PX-8 "Geneva": 

		o very light - notebook size
		o has WORDSTAR on a ROM chip 
		o runs CP/M 2.2 Operating System 
		o 300 baud built-in MODEM 
		o also includes spreadsheet, scheduling, 
		  and communications software, and Microsoft BASIC
		o specifics:  80 column x 8 line LCD display; 
                  has internal microcassette drive and external 320k
		  3.5" DISK DRIVE (PF 10); 64k RAM and 64k additional RAMDISK;
		o also includes Epson portable PRINTER, not currently
		  working (bad cable?); 
		o Includes complete set of cables  
		o Total collection of manuals and books, including 
		  ALL TECHNICAL MANUALS on hardware and software.  

Asking:   		$400 for the entire package
Consider trade for:	Child's computer (with monitor); electronic 
			keyboard; send email or call 
Contact:  		(919) 493-6523 (Durham, NC)  
Email:    		tcamp%numen@dukeac.ac.duke.edu