[ny.general] Access to INTERnet/usenet wanted in Westchester

roy@phri.UUCP (Roy Smith) (03/24/89)

zimerman@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Jacob Ben-david Zimmerman) writes:
> First of all, my apologies for posting this to 'usa'...it was the only
> way I could get it to its target area from where I am (that I know of.)

	As a public service, phri supports remote posting to ny.general.
Just send mail to ny-general@phri.nyu.edu and it will get forwarded to
ny.general via recnews.  Note, this only works for ny.general, not for any
of the other groups, ny or otherwise.  I won't guarantee that the "From:"
line will point back to you in any useful way, so best include your address
somewhere in the body if you want people to be able to reply to you.
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