[net.needed] need iSBC 550 manual

cak@CS-Mordred (Christopher A Kent) (02/25/84)

We've just received a bunch of Intel iSBC Multibus Ethernet
controllers.  Unfortunately, the manuals shipped separately, and we
don't know when they'll arrive; thus we have this wonderful hardware
around without any idea of how to use it.

So, I'm trying to find someone out there that has one of these, with a
manual. Could you send me the manual long enough to duplicate it? Could
you summarize the commands? Tell me how to plug it in and make it do
something? Anything would generate a feeling of accomplishment.  I'm
anxious to start squirting packets on the wire; if you have code
fragments for this device, it would be wonderful to see a copy.

Chris Kent
Purdue CS Dept