[wat.general] Short Job in microcomputer Code Generator writing

brad@looking.UUCP (Brad Templeton) (09/17/84)

Looking Glass Software Limited is seeking a programmer with
experience in programming language systems and code generation.

We would like to answer a government tender call for a Pascal
compiler for the Cemcorp ICON, basing this compiler on our
syntax-directed-editor programming environment.

In its simplest form, this job would involve writing a program that
converts the Pascal syntax trees used by the Alice system into the
intermediate language used by the Quantum QNX C compiler code generator.
Ie. this means that an actual code generator need not be written.

Applicants should be Canadians if possible.  Please contact Brad
Templeton at 519-884-7473 or send mail to watmath!looking!brad
to discuss the matter.  The tender must be in by Sept. 30, but the
job can be done later.  Pay is negotiable and will be fairly good.
	Brad Templeton - Waterloo, Ontario (519) 884-7473