[graf] Graphics job.

alain@utcsri.UUCP (Alain Fournier) (05/11/85)

MAGI, the well known computer graphics company (produced a lot of
the  animation  for  TRON, and has a modelling package named Syn-
thavision) is looking for people to work in Toronto on a  presen-
tation  graphics  system.  The  environment is Unix and C on a HP
9500 as the development machine (some  developement  has  already
been  done  on  an IBM/AT, and the target machine will be some HP
workstation). They are looking for five (5) people, most of  them
at  the  major/specialist  level in computer science, and with at
least one at the master level to  supervise.  Qualifications  are
obviously knowledge of Unix, C and graphics, and database experi-
ence will be appreciated as well. They  say  salaries  are  "very
competitive".  Somebody will be here (at the University of Toron-
to, probably in the CSRI conference room) on Wednesday  the  22nd
of May to interview candidates.  Mail to me if you are interested
in an appointment.