[graf] Career Opportunities at Alias Research Inc.

pete@utcsri.UUCP (P. Schoeler) (12/21/86)

Alias Research Inc., an established leader in computer graphics design 
software, is offering challenging career opportunities for well qualified and
ambitious graphics software designers.

Alias Research is experiencing very rapid growth in both the video animation 
and design CAD/CAM markets. Our product, ALIAS/1, is uniquely based on 
interactive spline technology. Alias Research is known for its commitment to a
powerful user interface, highest quality imagery and strong integration to
video, film, print and CAD/CAM. We are a turnkey systems vendor operating on 
state of the art hardware technology including the Silicon Graphics IRIS
workstation and the PIXAR image computer.

Alias Research has grown to more than 60 staff in three years and plans to 
double in size in the coming year. We're based in Toronto, Canada with sales
offices across the U.S. and we maintain close ties with leading academic 
graphics labs across North America. We pride ourselves on a flexible work
environment built on team work and aimed at high achievement.

Candidates for our technical staff should have at least a Bachelor's degree
in computer science or related field, with a specialty in graphics, and
working experience in C and UNIX. Optimum qualifications are a Master's
degree, relevant experience, and a record of publications or other significant
accomplishments. We currently have openings in paint and compositing, 
animation, object modeling, rendering, kinematics and natural phenomena.

We offer very competitive salaries and benefits and the opportunity for your
career to develop at the same exciting pace as the company's growth.

If you would like to join the Alias team, please send your resume to:

		Jan Stirling, Resource Manager
		Alias Research Inc.
		110 Richmond Street East, 5th floor
		TORONTO, Ontario
		M5C 1P1

	tel:	416-362-9181
	FAX:	416-362-0630


					Peter Schoeler

UUCP:   {decvax,linus,ihnp4,uw-beaver,allegra,utzoo}!utcsrgi!pete
CSNET:  pete@toronto