[uc.general] Stanford wins ACM Programming Contest

pmontgom@euphemia.math.ucla.edu (Peter Montgomery) (03/09/91)

	The 1991 ACM Scholastic Programming Contest Finals were
held Wednesday March 6 at the Computer Science Conference in San Antonio,
Texas.  Twenty-five teams of four each had five hours to attempt
eight programming problems, which could be solved in C or Pascal.
It was announced Thursday afternoon that Stanford won.
Both Stanford and Vrije got seven of the eight correct, but Stanford 
was faster and/or had fewer rejected submissions. 

	The full rankings:

Rank Did Name
 1   7   Stanford
 2   7   Vrije (Netherlands)
 3   6   Virginia Tech
 4   5   Victoria (New Zealand)
 5   5   University of Central Florida
 6   5   University of Oregon
 7   5   Oberlin
 8   5   Harvard
 9   4   Southwestern Louisiana
10   3   Virginia
11   3   Southwest Missouri State
14   3   University of California, Irvine (I was rooting for you!!)
15   3   Columbia
16   3   University of Texas, Austin
17   2   Calgary
18   2   Pennsylvania
19   2   Beloit
20   2   Louisville
21   2   Brown
22   2   Drexel
23   2   Mesa College (Colorado)
24   1   Florida International
25   1   National Chiao Tung (Taiwan) 

	Tuesday's Turing lecture was titled "On Building Systems 
which will Fail".  The contest was supposed to being at 1:00 Wednesday, 
but was delayed almost 2 hours due to machine problems, causing it
to run past the start of a dinner to which all contestants were invited.  
Meanwhile the schedule of Employment Register interviews for Wednesday 
afternoon was incomplete, also because of machine failure.

	Now if we could learn the results of the Putnam Competition given
December 1, 1990 ...

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