[mh.wanted] immediate flight to Rome, Italy needed urgently

abeles@mhuxi.UUCP (07/07/83)

     8:52 AM Thursday July 7, 1983

What is the cheapest way to fly to ROME without advance preparation?
I want to get to ITALY in the next few days to attend a conference
between Florence and Pisa.  

     I understand that no airlines have standby fares to Rome, or hardly 
     anywhere else in Europe (except London to compete with People Express...).

I'm willing to risk not getting there, as on a standby flight, but don't
wish to pay the full fare coach (=$750 each way).  Charters look interesting
but it's too late to do those without standby and they don't seem 
to fly on Sundays, when I prefer to leave.  Also, charters don't have as
many vacancies for standby passengers since once you pay, there are no 

     Any suggestions from netland?

Joe Abeles
(201) 582-2786