[mh.wanted] 1970 Jag XKE fixed-head coupe for sale

dep@allegra.UUCP (Dewayne E. Perry) (06/18/84)

chomp :- byte, chew, chomp.

for sale: 1970 Jaguar XKE fixed-head coupe (not a 2+2)

	4.2 litre, 6 cylinder dual overhead cam engine
	4-speed, air-conditioning, stereo.
	wire wheels, new tires.
	British racing green.
	45,000 miles.

	mechanically in excellent condition (20 miles per gallon).
	electrical system in very good condition.
	body in very good condition (one small rust spot).
	paint in good condition.
	interior in excellent condition.

	Have jag manual.  While I have had the car, it is has never 
	been driven in the winter (and hence, the snow and salt).

	Worth over $12k, will accept offers over $10k.

Dewayne E. Perry
AT&T Bell Laboratories
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Murray Hill, NJ 07974
(201) 582-2529
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