[nj.general] Met Opera Info Wanted

sab@houca.UUCP (12/09/83)

I am considering going to an opera at the Met. Having never been, I
have no idea where I want to sit. I realize that the standard "higher
price - better seat" correlation probably holds, but several sections
have no difference in price and I would like to know the tradeoffs in
choosing one over the other. So, any information on the advantages or
disadvantages of the seating would be greatly appreciated. The seats
are divided into sections as follows:
	Orchestra:	Rows A-V Center and Aisle
			Rows A-V Balance
			Rows W-EE
	Parterre:	Center Boxes 13-29
			Side Boxes 1-12
	Grand Tier:	Rows A-C
			Rows D-G
	Dress Circle
	Family Circle


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