[nj.general] Apt. or Home Rental Wanted in Madison/Summit/Morristown/Chatam Area

kell@mhuxl.UUCP (12/20/83)

	I'm looking for a one/two bdrm apartment or a small house
(2-3 bdrm) in the Morristown area.  While Morristown is preferable, I'll
settle for Madsison,Chatam,Summit,Chester,Whippany,etc.  I'll be leaving
the happy Hills of Murray for greener pastures in January and would
like to move into my new abode as soon as possible.  Anybody having info
or offerings please call:
				Marty Jaquez
				MH   x4431  (201)582-4431
				(201) 828-4169  at night

p.s.-   Also, anyone interested in sharing an apt. or house don't hesitate!