[nj.general] Stations Carrying "A Prarie Home Companion"

usenet@abnjh.UUCP (usenet) (02/16/84)

WNYC AM in New York City has (in an apparent cost cutting effort)
discontinued their Sunday afternoon rebroadcast of the PHC.
It doesn't mean much to me, because there is a big hill between
our house and their transmitters, so we can't get WNYC AM at all,
but I should think that others would be unhappy.

In a similar vein, WNYC FM also discontinued carrying Mike Flynn's
(Sp?) "Folk Sampler" program ("from the foothills of the Ozarks"),
this time in favor of giving a full hour to each of Oscar Brand and
Dave Sear (again, sp?) for their own (formerly half hour) folk music
shows.  Since the "folk sampler" was a syndicated program and
presumably cost them money, and the two programs that were expanded to
replace it are locally generated (and -- I think) syndicated by WNYC
itself, hence revenue generators, that move looks like a cost cutting
effort too.  Does anybody know more than this?  Can anybody confirm
or deny my allegations?  How does all this square with their recently
"fantasticly successful" fund raising drive?
 Rick Thomas
 ihnp4!abnji!rbt   or   ihnp4!abnjh!usenet