[nj.general] Purim party

jgf@hou5g.UUCP (03/14/84)

		"Mishenichnas Adar marbim besimcha"
	When the (Jewish month) Adar arrives, happiness abounds

	On Monday, March 19, 1984 (5744, Adar2 15 - Shushan Purim),
there will be a Purim seudah (party) at AT&T in Holmdel, New Jersey.
It will be held at 12 noon in the center back of the main cafeteria
overlooking the pond.  (NOT in the service dining room.)

	There will be lots of food and fun.  Dairy meal will be
served and dress informal (costume optional).  Please notify one
of the persons listed below if you intend to show up.

RSVP to:   Joe Friedman   (201) 834-4477 in Holmdel  {hou3c,ihnp4}!hou5g!jgf
	   Gail Schenker  (201) 949-0434 in Holmdel
	   Dave Chechik   (201) 576-6393 in Lincroft
leave message if no answer,

or sign up at:	Holmdel 2E-304	Nomi G.
		Holmdel 3G-508	Leeba C.
		Holmdel 4F-523	Ellen B.
		Holmdel 1G-301	Joe F.

Sorry if people outside of the NJ area get this message.  No one here
seems to know how to work the distribution feature.