[nj.general] AT&T Statistics Day Call For Papers

bloor@pyuxvv.UUCP (George Bloor) (05/09/84)

   		             CALL FOR PAPERS
	The Statistics Day conference is sponsored by AT&T Bell
  	Laboratories. It is held every 18 months to discuss 
	applications of statistics to AT&T problems. Presentations 
	include talks and poster exhibits of applications and 
	tutorials on statistical methodology.

	This is the first year the Statistics Day Committee is 
	actively seeking to broaden the participation at Statistics
	Day to include AT&T employees of companies other than Bell 

	In preparation for AT&T Statistics Day, October 17&18 1984,
	the Statistics Day Committee is now calling for papers. Any 
	AT&T employee wishing to submit a paper for presentation as a
	talk or as a poster exhibit should send an abstract, one page 
	or longer, to L. Denby of the Program Committee, MH 2C-273,
	CORNET 231-3292. All entries must be received by June 15, 1984.

	Registration information will be available in September.