[nj.general] Charitable Deductions of College Textbooks

ijk@houxt.UUCP (10/10/84)

I have a couple of hundred physics textbooks that are just
cluttering up storage.  Since I've changed professions, I would
just as soon donate these books to some college/university.  The
school I'm currently attending, Polytech of NY, however, has stopped
giving out assessments on book donations.  Thus, if I take a large
write-off on my donation of these books, I feel sure the IRS would
question it and I would have no supporting documentation.  The
actual market value of most of these books is quite low (I've
tried), so is there anything else  I can do??  Does anyone
know of a school in the area that would give an assessment of
value for a donation??  Or could I just give them away, and
declare a capital gains lossversus their original value???

Thank you for any advice you can offer.
Ihor Kinal