[nj.general] In mid NJ, want to rent short term: Zenith 150

robison@eosp1.UUCP (Tobias D. Robison) (11/28/84)

My company, Exxon office Systems, needs to rent a Zenith 150
(PC compatible) asap, for a short time (2 to 5 weeks).  Pls contact
me if you have one to rent within 100 miles or so of
Princeton NJ (mid Jersey).  Call 1-609-734-9200 and ask for me.
If my phone doesn't asnwer, ask to have me paged. Or send
msg to:

  - Toby Robison (not Robinson!)
  {allegra, decvax!ittvax, fisher, princeton}!eosp1!robison

P.S.: a Zenith 100 will not do, must be a 150.