[nj.general] For Sale - music/computer stuff for the budget-minded

tjt@twitch.UUCP ( T.J.Thompson) (01/26/85)

For Sale:

Drum machine - STIX programma ST305 - Programmable with 8 rhythm memories
   (2 measures each).  Bass drum, low/high tom, snare, closed/open high-hat,
   cymbal, accent.  Separate volume AND output for each voice.  Trigger
   output/input.  The 2nd measure of each rhythm can be alternated or inserted
   every 4th, 8th, or 16th measure.  Sounds are synthesized (not digital).
   Originally $300, I got it for $150, I'll sell it for $60.

Electronic Reverb - Realistic (Radio Shack) - Really just a cheap digital
   delay.  Controls: delay, repeat, depth, volume.  Line in/out and mic
   in/out.  Orig. $40, will sell for $15.

Mockingboard stereo sound generator board AND Music Construction Set
   (Electronic Arts) software for Apple II+ - The board is capable of better
   sound effects than it is music (basically you can't change the tone much),
   but in combination with the Music Construction Set (which has an exemplary
   icon-oriented user interface) it is fun to play with.  Orig. $100 (board)
   + $40 (software), I'll sell BOTH (with manuals) for $60.

Videx Videoterm 80-column card for Apple II+ - Original box and manual.  $50.

Prices are firm, since they're pretty low already.

	Tim Thompson
	(201)-949-4339 (day)
	(201)-363-0285 (night)