[nj.general] Broadway Tickets 4 Sale

howard@sfmag.UUCP (H.M.Moskovitz) (12/19/85)

	*** F O R   S A L E ***

	2 tickets for the Broadway play

	Tango Argentino		at the
	Mark Hellinger Theater (NYC)
	New Year's Eve, December 31
	8:00 p.m.
	Orchestra Seats, Row H (8th row)

	Face value of seats is $50 per ticket ($100 total)

	Will sacrifice for $90 for pair or best offer.
	I MUST sell these tickets by 12/27.

		Contact via e-mail
		or call:
			(201)522-6240 days
			(201)455-7319 eves


					Howard Moskovitz
					AT&T Info. Systems