[nj.general] Wanted - Troff software driver for Imagen 8/300

3471rdh@hou2g.UUCP (R.HAYON) (01/07/86)

We have recently purchased an Imagen 8/300 and need the
software the get troff output on this printer.
Currently we are using
the driver for the Imagen 10/300 (i10) for troff output but 
the font size is scaled incorrectly due to the fact
the Imagen 8/300 has a resolution of 300 dots/inch
while the Imagen 10/300 has a resolution of 240 dots/inch.

Does any one know if I can just change the resolution
of in the di10 program to accommodate the 8/300. Is anybody
at the Labs using an Imagen 8/300 with troff output ?
We could sure use your help!! Thanks.

			Ralph Hayon
			AT&T - Bell Labs
			WB 2B-107
			Holmdel, N.J.
			(201) 870-7182