[nj.general] Super Science Weekend in Trenton, NJ; January 16-17

tee@mtuxo.UUCP (54317-T.EBERSOLE) (01/12/88)

     Reprinted from Asbury Park Press without their knowledge, much
     less permission. I hope they don't mind.


Dinosaurs, fossil digs, and monitor lizards are some of the attractions
included in the eighth annual Super Science Weekend to be held Jan 16 and 17
at the New Jersey State Museum, West State Street, Trenton, NJ.

The festival is designed to introduce children and parents to the wonders
of science.

Special attractions begin at 10:30am, Jan 16, when Paul and Brenda Cohen
present "Science, Past and Present," an illustrated tour of ancient and
present contemporary scientific sites around the world.

At 1 and 3pm, Ozzie Tolletson will present "The Great Dinosaurs!"
Tolletson, who has worked with the museum's fossil collectors in South
Dakota, included specimens and puppets in the program.

The Wizards of Chemistry will present "Air," a program that explores the
wonders of gases at 1 and 3pm Jan 17. Admission to the program is $1.
Admission to the other programs is free.

Other science weekend highlights include displays organized by the 
New Jersey Science Teachers Association.


I can't vouch for the quality of this science festival, since I've never
attended. But I think exposing kids to science of all kinds is important,
so I hope those of you with kids in the NJ-Penn area will consider this.

Tim Ebersole ...!ihnp4!mtuxo!tee