[nj.general] Liver Donor Information Requested

msmith@topaz.rutgers.edu (Mark Robert Smith) (04/18/89)

Just increasing the number of newsgroups.  Let's help if we can!

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| This message is being forwarded on behalf of Peggy  (Takeshima)  Dowl-
| ing.  If you would like to respond  to  this  posting,  please  e-mail
| directly to her at the address listed in her message.
| I apologize for the large cross-posting . . .  just trying to reach as
| many folks that may be able to help.
| Farokh Deboo
| 3Com Corporation
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| This is a plea for help. My sister's baby (born Oct.26, 1988) needs  a
| liver  transplant. Jill Akiko Nolen suffers from a degenerative condi-
| tion called biliary atresia, which is an underdevelopment or  blockage
| of the bile ducts of the liver. It invariably leads to liver failure.
| Jill's family hopes that her story will be picked up by the SJ and  SF
| newspapers.  Her story has already been given publicity from a newspa-
| per in Bend, Oregon, a city close to her home residence.  This  e-mail
| is a shot in the dark, but I had to try it as a means of reaching peo-
| ple, and from there many more by word of mouth. Let me stress, that my
| e-mail  asking  for  possible  donor  information  is only done out of
| desperation and grief.
| Please let's not have any e-mail debates over this topic.  I  am  very
| sorry if I have offended anyone by this message.
| If you have any information that could possibly help Jill,  please  e-
| mail me at
|         "..!{bridge2,3comvax}!ESD.3+.3Com.Com!Peggy_Dowling"
| 			or
| 	"Peggy_Dowling@ESD.3+.3Com.Com"
| Thank you,
| Peggy Dowling
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