[nj.general] Mac + w/40MB HD for sale

lad@lad.scs.com (Lawrence A. Deleski) (11/22/89)

I have the following for sale:

	Mac Plus
	40 MB PowerDrive (external)
	Mouse, Keyboard, Manuals., etc.

I have 2 of these systems available. I am asking $1200. for each system.
Both systems are in excellent condition.  I'm willing to offer a 90 day
warranty on each system in writing.

Please reply via phone or email if you are interested.

         Lawrence A. Deleski             |       Silicon Compiler Systems
         lad@sdl.scs.com                 |       15 Independence Blvd.
         uunet!sdl!lad                   |       Warren, NJ 07060
         MABELL:  (201) 580-0102         |       Ext. 216