[nj.general] 25MHz Novy board & 19" Big Screen FOR SALE

lad@lad.scs.com (Lawrence A. Deleski) (12/01/89)

I am offering the following for sale:

	Novy 25MHz 68020 Accelerator
	with 25MHz 68881 FPU
	4 MB memory
	Novy Bus connector (accepts SE card)

	Fits Mac SE.  $1200.00 or best offer.

	Mirage I 19" mono monitor and card for Mac SE.
	Includes, card, cables, software for dual screen operation.

	$1000.00 or best offer.

	Reply by phone, email, or US Snail to:

         Lawrence A. Deleski             |       Silicon Compiler Systems
         lad@sdl.scs.com                 |       15 Independence Blvd.
         uunet!sdl!lad                   |       Warren, NJ 07060
         MABELL:  (201) 580-0102         |       Ext. 216