[nj.general] Software for sale

daved@cbnewsl.ATT.COM (david.dougherty) (01/20/90)

I have the following items for sale:

 *1. MicroSoft Optimizing FORTRAN Compiler v4.1		$ 100.00
 *2. MicroSoft Pascal Compiler v4.0			  100.00
  3. MicroSoft Windows SDK v2.11			  150.00

All items include the original documentation in pristine condition.
You will receive the original diskettes (in some cases, both 5.25" and
3.5" formats) and a letter from me to transfer the license.

(201) 423-3139 (home, 7pm-10pm)
(201) 522-6241 (work, 8am-4pm)

* These packages run under OS/2.

David W. Dougherty @ AT&T Bell Laboratories
ARPA: dwd@attunix.att.COM
UUCP: ...!att!attunix!dwd