[nj.general] Unigroup of New York Meeting 11/14

root@jpradley.uucp (Jean-Pierre Radley) (11/10/90)

	The next general meeting of Unigroup of New York
	will take place on Nov. 14th.

Topic:	Unix System Administration and Performance Tuning
	The meeting will present a panel of speakers, who will touch on
	the technical management of systems ranging from 386-based desktop
	boxes to larger and even networked machines..

Place:	AT&T Building, 32 Avenue of the Americas. 
	This is just below Canal Street. The Canal Street station of the
	A, E, and CC subway lines has an exit directly into the building 
	lobby. The East and West Side IRT lines are a few blocks away.
	The auditorium is at the west end of the lobby.

Time:	Registration begins at 5:30.
	A general Unix Q & A session, where members bring up any problems
	or information, begins at 6:00.
	The formal presentation by our speakers begins at 7:00.
	Meetings generally end at 9:00.

Cost:	Free to members. You may join Unigroup of New York at the door: $50
	per annum.
	One-time admission: $20, students: $5.
	Checks or American Express accepted.

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