[nj.general] Printers FOR SALE

vrr@cbnewsj.att.com (veenu.r.rashid) (11/26/90)

I have the following printers for sale:

	1	Canon PJ-1080A inkjet.  7 colors		$ 300 + shipping
		combine to produce virtually any
		number of shades.  For graphical
		or text output in high quality
		ink.  Excellent condition.

	1	NEC 3510 Spinwriter daisy wheel			$ 250 + shipping
		printer for letter quality
		text output in a variety of fonts.
		Sturdy and rugged, this printer
		originally cost > $1700 in 1984.
		Many spindles included.

If interested in any of the above printers, call (201) 219-5935 eves.
For the NEC printer, I would prefer someone local to me, since this
thing weighs 35-40 lbs. and shipping may be expensive.

Thanks very much,