[nj.general] Amiga 2000 system - make offer

nrashid@andromeda.rutgers.edu.rutgers.edu (Navruze Rashid) (01/04/91)

The following A2000 system is for sale to the highest bidder.

	- Amiga 2000 Rev 6.2
		2 internal drives, flawless condition

	- GVP Series II SCSI controller
		brand new
		meg 80 ns RAM - total 3 meg in computer
		card is expandable to 8 meg
		mount 7 drives, on card mounting

	- Quantum ProDrive 105 meg SCSI drive
		3.5" half height
		11/19 ms seek time
		one of the fastest drives on the market
		tons of software already installed

	- Princeton Ultrasync 12" monitor
		high resolution multisync monitor
		small dot pitch allows for crisp pictures
		NTSC/PAL switchable

	- Fat Agnus and 1.3 ROM
	- Supra 2400 external modem

$2350 or make an offer.  The highest bidder will get the system.

Email all replies to nrashid@andromeda.rutgers.edu or call (201) 219-5935
eves and weekends.

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