[bell.general] divestiture affects Usenet

mark@cbosgd.UUCP (Mark Horton) (01/08/84)

I knew I forgot something.  In addition to the information in
the previous message, I should have pointed out that att.all
is also proprietary to AT&T and can't be sent to the CSO.
Likewise, things like mh.all, wh.all, and ho.all probably
can't go to the CSO (although local custom should decide this,
as there are still some CSO employees in the buildings.)
If anything proprietary gets posted to these newsgroups,
they can't go to the CSO.

If you have CSO employees on BTL machines, you can protect
proprietary netnews by putting all CSO employees into one
group and chmodding /usr/spool/news/{att,btl} to 505 with
that group.  This does not solve the problem for your non-news

The newsgroup class abbl.all is dead, replaced with att.all.
You should remove all traces of abbl from your machines.

	Mark Horton