[can.ai.cscsi] CALL FOR PAPERS CSCSI 84

tsotsos@utcsrgv.UUCP (John Tsotsos) (10/14/83)

                         CALL FOR PAPERS

                         C S C S I - 8 4

                      Canadian Society for
              Computational Studies of Intelligence

                  University of Western Ontario
                         London, Ontario
                         May 18-20, 1984

     The Fifth National Conference of the CSCSI will be  held  at
the  University of Western Ontario in London, Canada.  Papers are
requested in all areas of AI research, particularly those  listed
below.  The Program Committee members responsible for these areas
are included.

Knowledge Representation :
   Ron Brachman (Fairchild R & D), John Mylopoulos (U of Toronto)
Learning :
   Tom Mitchell (Rutgers U), Jaime Carbonell (CMU)
Natural Language :
   Bonnie Weber (U of Pennsylvania), Ray Perrault (SRI)
Computer Vision :
   Bob Woodham (U of British Columbia), Allen Hanson (U Mass)
Robotics :
   Takeo Kanade (CMU), John Hollerbach (MIT)
Expert Systems and Applications :
   Harry Pople (U of Pittsburgh),  Victor  Lesser  (U  Mass)
Logic Programming :
   Randy Goebel (U of Waterloo), Veronica Dahl (Simon Fraser U)
Cognitive Modelling :
   Zenon Pylyshyn,  Ed  Stabler  (U  of Western Ontario)
Problem Solving and Planning :
   Stan Rosenschein (SRI), Drew McDermott (Yale)

     Authors are requested to prepare Full  papers,  of  no  more
than  4000  words in length, or Short papers of no more than 2000
words in length.  A full page of clear diagrams  counts  as  1000
words.   When  submitting,  authors must supply the word count as
well as the area in which they wish their paper reviewed.   (Com-
binations  of  the  above  areas are acceptable).  The Full paper
classification is intended for well-developed ideas, with  signi-
ficant demonstration of validity, while the Short paper classifi-
cation is intended for descriptions of research in progress.  Au-
thors  must  ensure that their papers describe original contribu-
tions to or novel applications of  Artificial  Intelligence,  re-
gardless of length classification, and that the research is prop-
erly compared and contrasted with relevant literature.
     Three copies of each submitted paper must be in the hands of
the  Program Chairman by December 7, 1983.  Papers arriving after
that date will be returned  unopened,  and  papers  lacking  word
count  and classifications will also be returned.  Papers will be
fully reviewed by appropriate members of the  program  committee.
Notice of acceptance will be sent on February 28, 1984, and final
camera ready versions are due on March 31,  1984.   All  accepted
papers will appear in the conference proceedings.

     Correspondence should be addressed  to  either  the  General
Chairman or the Program Chairman, as appropriate.

General Chairman                    Program Chairman

Ted Elcock,                         John K. Tsotsos
Dept. of Computer Science,          Dept. of Computer Science,
Engineering and Mathematical        10 King's College Rd.,
     Sciences Bldg.,                University of Toronto,
University of Western Ontario       Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
London, Ontario, Canada             M5S 1A4
N6A 5B9                             (416)-978-3619