[can.ai.cscsi] Once more -- is this group necessary?

msb@lsuc.UUCP (01/24/85)

My proposal to delete both can.ai and can.ai.cscsi met with both agreement
and disagreement.  How symmetrical.  I will agree for now that there is a
prima facie case for can.ai -- see my comments in that group.

But I still don't see a need for can.ai.cscsi.  There have been 3 items
in the group since I proposed the deletion -- and ALL of them are cross-
postings from can.ai!

I would think the same people would generally be interested in "AI in Canada"
and the CSCSI, which is the society for it, in any case.  So why on earth
should can.ai.cscsi exist separately, unless there is LOTS more traffic
than we are seeing now?

I again propose this group for deletion.

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