[net.music.dead] long live the DEAD!

phil (02/17/83)

I recently bought a used copy of a Garcia album I 
have never seen or heard of before.
"Run for The Roses" has two very fun cuts on it:

	I Saw Her Standing There
	Knocking on Heavens Door

I really like it when Jerry et. al. rearrange and perform 
other artists works. ( usually better than the original! )

In live performances I have heard other dead interpretations
of this sort.  The most memorable ones ?

	Second That Emotion
	The Harder They Come

It would be nice to have a tape with some dead versions of
non dead compositions.  Do any of you have selections of this 
sort in your dead tape collections?

		Phil Cohen
		ucbvax!sdcsvax!phil or phil@nosc


	What's the harm in a grateful dead newsgroup?
		all flames to /dev/null!

3951bb (02/18/83)

I am all for a dead news group; (*warning bad pun-- sort of the newgroup
to read after net.suicide).  but seriously i would like see a discussion
about terrapin station. Where was it made? Who did the high-powered instrumental.
It is one of the dead's more different albums. Anybody out there know this
stuff (trivia, some might call it).

Die long and prosper,

lazaro munoz

tim (02/19/83)

Why don't some people like the Dead? I'll tell you why.
All their music sounds the same. Sure, I can hear one of
their songs and know what its title is; they don't just
photocopy the sheets. However, listening to a Dead song that
you haven't heard before is unlikely to be a very new
experience. This is even more so now, when they don't
even bother to write any more songs. I'll grant you that
they have a reasonable amount of talent with their
instruments, but it's nothing really awesome. It would
take some truly amazing performers to make such same-seeming
songs interesting.

Bye, I'm unsubscribing. Any flames I get will be ignored.

net.music.who, net.music.floyd, net.music.zappa, anyone?

Tim Maroney