[net.music.dead] does anyone read net.music.dead?

lkk@mit-eddie.UUCP (Larry Kolodney) (05/27/84)

Does anyone read net.music.dead?

I'm trying to find out if Jerry and the gang will be playing in California any
time this summer, if someone knows, please let me know.

Larry Kolodney
(The Devil's Advocate)

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jdb@qubix.UUCP (Jeff Bulf) (05/30/84)

Hear! Hear! C'mon deadheads, there just have to be more of out there.
Are the Dead going to do Santa Cruz County again this year? Last Summer's
gig at watsonville was a real treat.

	Dr Memory

sunny@sun.uucp (Sunny Kirsten) (05/30/84)

Greetings, Deadheads:

	I believe the group was net.music.gdead not net.music.dead

	The network newsgroup seems to have been nuked, in any case.

	The dead will be playing this summer at the Greek in Berkeley.

	To find out the Dead's tour schedule, call (415)457-6388.

[ucbvax,decvax,ihnp4]!sun!sunny	(Sunny Kirsten of Sun Microsystems)