[can.followup] Regarding Taxes

chris (02/11/83)

	Any tax can have loopholes; in theory, however, income tax is
progressive and fixed rate tax is regressive. Please use these names
properly; they have a meaning in economics apart from their immediate
intuitive meanings (like, huh, progressive sounds Good, eh?)
	To drive the point across to people like Steve Tjiang, a tax
of 20% on someone earning $14,000 /annum and %50 on someone earning
over $100,000 /annum is PROGRESSIVE. Loop holes are used to bring down
a gross income into a taxable income; the tax after that is PROGRESSIVE.
	Of course a fixed rate tax is regressive; if you don't understand
why, then you cannot do arithmetic and probably should not be allowed to
mix with real people (tongue in cheek; no flames about real people, please!).
		Chris Retterath.