[can.followup] A word in defense of the income tax system

padpowell (02/18/83)

The rich do not repeat do not pay as much income tax on cash income as does
the general populace.  I speak from personal experience,  and based on years
of acquaintence with persons who have large incomes.
1.  On a general percentage of taxable income,  the percentage is the same.
2.  On a general percentage of GROSS income,  the percentage is (mumble
	lets see now, based on 1981) about 2/3 of the average payment.

Patrick ("The rich do not neccessarily get richer, but it sure helps")
P.S.-  for an interesting adventure,  go to a good set of tax lawyers,
and pay money for an explanation of how to arrange your affairs.  Free
advice is usually about as useful as it is expensive.