[can.followup] Canada in the hands of the devil

chrys (04/19/83)

Stephen, you silly boy, the anti-christ is not going to come
along and do obviously bad things.  Quite the contrary, the
things that he does will appear to be very good (at least
from man's point of view).  Notice that "6" is the number of
man.  Triple "6" is the peak of man.  The coming of this
anti-Christ will be a time of man reaching his zenith such
he will feel that he is God and needs no other god.  We will
see perhaps a world government that will exemplify the height
of humanism.  We will see the success and prosperity of the
world not its recession.

bstempleton (04/22/83)

Perhaps the fact that the public keeps returning Trudeau to office indicates
he is the Beast?